Education Innovation Awards Nomination

This week was half term, so a relatively quiet week. But @priorygeography had some good news.

I’ve mentioned the Mobile@Priory project before and it was the inspirational project led by my head of department David Rogers that we pioneered through the Geography department. You can read more about the project on this site or his, or feel free to email / tweet any queries to either of us. The basic premise was the use of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to enable students freedom to learn anywhere, anytime and create a culture of safer and more productive use of online learning and mobile devices.

Excitingly, we found out this week that the project has been shortlisted for an Education Innovation Award . On 8-9th March the Education Innovation Conference & Exhibition takes place in Manchester – see for more details. The mobile@priory project was nominated and has now been shortlisted for the Secondary Schools ‘Innovate my School’ category. At the exhibition,there will be a showcase of those nominated projects and a winner will be chosen – so watch this space for an update after the event!

The project was a team effort that saw the department trial mobile device use first in our own lessons, then spread the word through inset and staff training workshops to encourage other subject areas to take place. It led to the creation of the mobile@priory cookbook which is freely available to others to trial and learn from some of the projects that took place at the beginning.

It is great to see the department, and especially the boss, getting some recognition for all the hard work. We may occasionally ruffle a few feathers in school, and have a little reputation for being trouble makers, but it is all with the best interests of students at heart. So it’s good to know that this project may not just have an influence for good on our own school, but students in a wider context. After all, that’s kind of why we’re here.


“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, then it’s not worth a dime.” Babe Ruth

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