Coming soon…..BBC School Report guest blog by students

Tomorrow, 21st ImageMarch, sees the Live Day for BBC School Report. 

As mentioned in a previous post we run School Report every year but this year it has grown bigger and bigger.

We have a local schools’ kidsmeet taking place on HMS Warrior with 50 students and staff – looking into hacking the new curriculum and engaging learning through technology which is exciting. 

We also have QR code poetry orienteering being created to guide visitors around the Historic Dockyard, with our students investigating poetry and the different exhibits.

And this is all on top of the regular BBC School Report journalism where our team of intrepid reporters will investigate current events & produce their articles and video reports to be uploaded to for sharing.

Excitingly, we have already had one telephone interview with our Head Girl for a BBC website article on technology that will go live tomorrow morning, and we are booked in for a radio interview live on BBC Solent at 0850 from the side of the HMS Warrior plus phone interviews throughout the day. We also know that BBC South Today are visiting us during the day and we hope to film a live bulletin for the 1pm news tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good weather!

So, at the end of tomorrow there will be a guest post on here by the students to sum up their day and the kidsmeet. Should make interesting reading. They will also be writing for . Students and staff will be live blogging and tweeting throughout the day for @priorygeography and @priorysouthsea so keep checking!


“I believe that good journalism can make our world a better place”

Christiane Amanpour


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