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E-safety week

I struggled with thinking what to write about today. The week that just ended was hard and emotional, with various times of me questioning everything I do and whether I am any good as a teacher. So I didn’t really feel like I could talk about anything inspirational or feel like I have something to share that I’ve tried. Instead this is more of a collection of bits I’ve stumbled upon from others.

Last week was Internet Safety Week 2013, led by www.saferinternet.org.uk . E-safety learning should be integral to all subject areas not just the domain of IT lessons, e.g. in @priorygeography lessons we introduce students to safe practise in the use of personal information and images when producing videos or writing on our trips blogs, or via BBC School Report work. We frequently refer to safety protocols and remind students of the mobile@priory policy. safer internet day

Even simple messages on school desktops like ours (image) could be useful, just little reminders along the way.

Below are some links that might be useful to anyone wanting to find out more about e-safety and where to find resources for embedding into teaching.

1)      http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ – The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre website with useful tips and tools for parents/guardians and professionals. There are resources available for teachers to aid delivery of e-safety topics.

2)      http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/ – With tips, resources and guidelines. Also well worth following @UK_SIC on twitter for the latest developments and links to websites / video.

3)      http://daviderogers.blogspot.co.uk – Explore David Rogers’ blog for the mobile@priory story, the cookbook & draft policy. Useful for anyone wanting to set up using devices in school.

4)      http://www.olliebray.com/ – Two great posts on Internet Safety Day featuring video links on cyber-bullying and child safety.

5)      YouTube E-Safety (Primary) & YouTube E-Safety (Secondary)  – E-safety videos for primary & secondary schools.

So there we go. Hope some of those are useful. For myself, this next week I need to pick myself up and get back on it. But I came across the quote below that has inspired me a little. It’s always hard coming back to reality from something big and exciting and other worldly like Bett, hearing about great stories from elsewhere and then feeling overwhelmed at not being able to change the world in your own backyard as quickly as you’d like. I’m someone that struggles with patience, and I don’t like doing half jobs. So it’s hard to prioritise and to see the wood for the trees sometimes. But ‘you need a certain amount of dark in order to see the stars’.