Looking forward to #TLAB14 conference

TLABIt’s been a long time since I posted, and I apologise for that. It’s been a bit manic at home and work and I need to catch up. Anyway.

Saturday 22nd March sees the return of #TLAB14 Conference – the Teaching, Learning & Assessment conference at Berkhamsted School. This event is hosted and coordinated by the wonderful Nick Dennis and Rebecca Brooks and their team. You can see my review of last year here. What I liked about the event before was that there was a careful blend of pedagogical theory / application from the likes of Alistair Smith, and then the subject specific workshops led by current teachers where they shared their own experiences. An event run by teachers, for teachers, through teachers. Sharing stories. Everyone an expert. I think also, where the event falls on a Saturday this encourages more like minded positive professionals to attend who want to get the most out of giving up their own time voluntarily. And there were great refreshments! And all for just £50. Bargain.

I took away so much from the event last year, and I was honoured and flattered to be asked to take part this time. As well as being somewhat nervous needless to say! The event was such a success and of such quality last year that I am worried about bringing down the side! We shall see.

The theme this year is ‘Multipliers: How can we tap into the genius within our schools?’ which draws on the work of Liz Wiseman and Elise Foster’s ‘The Multiplier Effect’ – who is giving the keynote.

My workshop is for Geography, obviously, and looks particularly at delivering GCSE – although I would say that there is no reason why strategies cannot be used for other key stages as well, just as I have used them with younger children myself. I shall be talking about revision games such as jenga, keyword games and creative ways to learn case studies. I will also be sharing some ideas about encouraging literacy skills and extended writing, particularly through the use of writing structures to enable perhaps more lower ability or less confident students. I find my students really struggle with the extended writing case study or decision making parts of their exams, and this is not normally due to a lack of geographic knowledge but rather to do with structuring an answer or developing answers.

Although I’ll be sharing some tools I’ve trialled before, I’ll also give delegates the chance to share their own experiences in the hopes we all learn from each other – after all, no one strategy fits all. And there will be time to try things out yourself, in a hands on way.

All resources will be shared via this blog after the event, and I hope it proves useful.

There will also be a Geography workshop led by Carmel Green who was excellent last year, and by David Rogers on how Geography can have a whole school impact and speaks from a leadership point of view as well.

If you want to attend, see the Lanyrd site to book or via the Berkhamsted website.

You can also see the agenda here and a summary of speakers and their workshop outline here. You can also see updates and follow the event on Twitter @TLABerkhamsted or my feed at the event @GeoDebs 

There is also a TeachMeet on the night before, Friday 21st 🙂

Hope to see you there!


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